Teal PrepCheckPrepCheck™, the revolutionary prep-marking system, promotes adequate reduction allowing ideal thickness of the final restoration and ensures superior strength and aesthetics. PrepCheck’s™ special coating marks the tooth in areas that need to be reduced.

Benefits of PrepCHeck for Crown Preparation

  • Promotes Accurate Reduction
  • Special Coating Marks Tooth
  • 3 Sizes Offered
  • Promotes Better Fit and Aesthetics

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How to Use PrepCheck™

1. Prepare crown prep as usual.

Prepped ToothInsert the darker side of the PrepCheck™ tab between the preparation and the opposing dentition. Pull or tug on the PrepCheck™ tab. The PrepCheck™ should slide out with very little resistance. If it does not, proceed to step 2. (If the tab cannot be removed or is difficult to remove, adequate reduction has not been achieved.)

2. Ask patient to bite on the PrepCheck™ tab.

Patient Biting down on TabInsert the lighter side of the PrepCheck™ between the preparation and the opposing dentition. Note: The lighter side contains the powdered marking medium. Ask the patient to tap or grind on the PrepCheck™.

3. Look at occlusal contacts on adjacent teeth.

Marked ToothReduce the areas that mark. Go back to step 1 and tug with the uncoated side of PrepCheck™ between the preparation and opposing dentition.