Molar Media Mount

Molar Media Mount attached to Dental LightAfter trying different options in his office for patient education and entertainment, Dr. Casey Culberson, DDS, decided to create the Molar Media Mount – the first and only arm that mounts directly to a dental light.

The Molar Media Mount is made of lightweight, high-strength materials, and is specifically constructed to work with an iPad© mini, iPad Air or similar-sized & weight devices*. Its ball-and-socket assembly, designed by Dr. Culberson, allows for easy attachment and removal of the device for patient education and entertainment choices.

Benefits of Molar Media Mount

  • The Molar Media Mount has a modern design, is lightweight, strong and patient-friendly.
  • Its ball-and-socket joint allows easy adjustment for viewing at all angles AND allows the device to be simply removed from the arm to take advantage of all the education apps, photo display and entertainment it has to offer.
  • After the ball-and-socket is connected and locked in place, it holds the device exactly where the patient can see it best, no matter how they are positioned in the chair.
  • It is more affordable and easier to set-up than professionally installed ceiling-mounted TVs and ceiling-mounted arms.

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How to Use the Molar Media Mount

The Molar Media Mount comes ready to install with 3-piece arm, universal mounting bracket, adhesive mounting plate, mounting screws and extra silicone inserts and tube section for various mounting options. Detailed installation instructions for the Molar Media Mount are available for download. The Molar Media Mount is designed to be used with an iPad mini, iPad Air or similar sized & weight tablet.


Installation Overview

View the video below for the Molar Media Mount installation overview.